How To Pack Suitcase - How to pack a suitcase efficiently

How To Pack A Suitcase Efficiently For Travelling

Often you get disturbed after reaching your vacation destination because you did not pack many items you need. Most of the people feel difficulties because they don’t know how to pack a suitcase.

To avoid these kinds of situations, you need to follow a checklist when you are packing to travel. Let’s see how to pack a suitcase efficiently.

Here are the best ideas for packing your bag, which will make your trip more enjoyable.

How To Pack A Suitcase Efficiently

There are some packing tips for you to make your trip more comfortable.

Choose A Small Size Suitcase

The bigger the bag, the more thing you will put on. So if you’re on vacation, you don’t need to take the belongings with you. You have to choose wisely. You can bring re-wearable clothes. It will be better if you select 22 inches suitcase so it can work as a carry-on.

Pack a Limited Number of Clothes

If you are on a week-long trip, limit yourself to no more than one hat, two pairs of shoes, three bottoms, four tops, five pairs of socks, and underwear. You can remember it as 1,2,3,4,5 rules. You can adjust according to your travel days. If you’re going to visit the beaches, you must include a bathing suit and a swimsuit.

Think Tetris

How exactly you arrange everything in your suitcase is a matter of personal preferenceThe best way to fit all necessary things into one baggage is to fill every inch of space. Such as, you should stuff your sock inside the footwear. Then place your shoes together heel to toe at the bottom of your suitcase in a plastic zip-lock bag to protect clothes from dirt. Here are some popular strategies for organizing stuff:

  • Roll your clothes.
  • Use packing cubes.
  • Try the bundle technique. The technique is you to wrap each unit of clothing around a central core like underwear, tops, and T-shirts at the center, and large tailored items like blazers and dresses as the outer layer.

Keep liquid in easy reach

It is wise to put all the toiletries on top of your suitcase because you never know when T.S.A wanted to look in.

Never unpack your toiletries

Keep a toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, face washes in a small pouch or box that you should never open. It will be easy access when packing for trips. Otherwise, you may forget a toothbrush or anything. To prevent leakage, please double up the plastic bag.

Essential Travel Checklist

Do you know how much you have to pack?

You should keep in mind that whatever the destination, and no matter how long or quick the trip is, the biggest mistake is to overpack. The secret to packing light is to adapt a packing list to your travel style.

Packing for your family vacation also isn’t easy. Besides remembering on top of your list, you must pay more attention to the needs of children who don’t pack for themselves.

So here we present you an essential travel checklist-


  • Tops, according to the weather and reason for travel
  • Bottoms, according to the weather and reason for travel
  • The semi-formal outfit, like a dress or a suit
  • Undergarments
  • Swimsuit or bath suit
  • Socks/stockings
  • Separate exercise clothes including socks, if needed
  • Pajamas or other sleepwear
  • the lightweight foldable jacket that should be climate-appropriate
  • foldable rain jacket


  • Three pairs of shoes for each person, such as a dressy pair, stylish sneakers, and walking shoes or flip-flops for your hotel room, the pool or spa
  • Small Bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Inexpensive jewelry, if needed
  • A voltage adapter, if traveling internationally.
  • Personal 3d glasses if you are expecting to enjoy 3d movies in your resort.


  • Dental supplies: toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss
  • Soap, shampoo, and conditioner
  • Face cleanser, Face moisturizer, Deodorant
  • Sunscreen, Body moisturizer
  • Makeup such as Bb cream, Foundation, Eyeliner, and Makeup remover
  • A Hairbrush and accessories like bobby pins
  • Shaving supplies such as shaving cream, razor
  • Hand sanitizer, Laundry soap sheets or packets of travel-sized laundry detergent, if needed

First Aid Kits

  • Bandages of various sizes
  • An antibiotic ointment like Neosporin
  • Fever and pain medicine for child and adult
  • Motion sickness remedy for child and adult
  • Thermometer
  • Anti-itch cream
  • Allergy medicine for child and adult
  • Stomach flu and constipation medication for child and adult
  • Cold and flu medication for child and adult
  • Rehydration tablets suitable for child and adult

Beach Vacation Essential

  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit
  • Beach towel
  • Beach toys
  • Floating devices

Ski Trip Essential

  • Thinsulate tops and bottoms which you can find in the sporting good stores.

Baby Packing List For Vacation

Essential for Infant

Babies are the smallest member in your family, but they need an excessive amount of gear.some of them are-

  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby food
  • Stroller



Children between ages two to four get quickly bored on the trip. So take gear to keep them entertained, such as toys, video games.

School Going Children

When your child turns five, packing gets easier. As your kids are used to carrying a backpack to school, they can also take a bag on the trip.


Teens should pack and carry their bags, parents should double-check for the essential things, like a cellphone, cellphone charger, their student I.D., any prescription medicine and eyeglasses.

Short Trip Packing Hacks

Are you on your short trip?

If you’re on a short trip less then seven days, then we will suggest you pack as light as possible. Here we will discuss a few tricks on packing smart about it.

Now, why should you pack lightwell?

Because if you pack everything from your closet, then you have to check in the bags, which is a hassle, then you have to wait in the line, Then you might have to pay more free for checking in more bags you are allowed. Or you might lose your luggage in customs and baggage might get sent to a foreign country somewhere.

There are some of the reasons why you should pack light if you are on a short trip. So here are the tips for your vacation less than seven days.-

 Tip 1: Always bring carry on and don’t check the bags in. Get a large carry-on a large backpack if you’re a guy or maybe a large purse if you’re a girl. Trust me, and if you can get a pack on a backpack or carry on, you will never going back to your checking bags and cant stang waiting by the luggage belt for your suitcase. If you’re only taking a carry on, then, you can walk out of the airplane and get out of the airport and skip all kinds of extra fees.

Tip 2: Use your cell phone as a boarding pass. It’s so much easier to get into the plane that way. You don’t have to carry paper or try to find it or risk losing it. You have to download the app of the airline you’re flying in and show it to the entrance. It is so much easier that way, and you can also check-in online through the app right before your flight. 

Tip 3: Don’t pack books. Books are just weighty and just hard to carry on. It is hard to read on an airplane; you have to turn on the little lights over your head. Your neighbor is going to hate you for because you have that light on at night. So use a service called audible and pretty voice would just read the books for you while you’re flying. 

Tip 4: Wear comfortable sneakers. Always wear comfy sneakers on the flight that you can take off quickly. Some airports are so big that you end up walking a lot, so make sure you pick sneakers that you like, then you have to go through security and take them off quickly. Make sure you’re wearing pleasant socks, or you will be embarrassed. 

Tip 5: Pre-plan your outfit. Make sure you bring items that you can wear more than once. That will make you help pack more light than the standard packing.

Last, of all, make sure you check the weather before you fly out. Most people don’t do that. If you need to bring a sweatshirt or a heavy coat because the weather is going to be a little chilly, make sure you wear that to the airport and that way you will get more room in the luggage.

Don’t Forget To Put This Stuff In Your Carry-on

Now we will enlist what stuff you should never put into your checked baggage. You should put them on your carry on bag.


Don’t put electronics in your checked baggage. Even if your luggage is locked, stuff gets stolen out of the checked bag all the time. As electronics are expensive so make sure you are going to pack all the electronics in your carry on bag. It means your carry-on bag will be substantial, but it is better not to lose your valuable things. Also, you might know about the airport facilities, they throw the suitcases all around in the rain, in the cold. Your device might get damaged.

Expensive Jewelry 

You should not bring precious jewelry on holiday but if you do have to put it on your carry-on bag then. Because that also might get stolen.

Essential Travel Documents

If you’re traveling abroad or flying domestically, always carry your necessary documents with you when you get on the plane. The reason is that if your bag gets stolen or lost, then you will be stuck in the airport. It is confirmation prove of your immigration crossing, hotel reservation, and also you traveling information such as where are you from or where are you going?

One Set of Your Clothing

Don’t pack all of your clothing in your checked baggage. Trust me there is a reason we suggest you not to do so. If your luggage gets lost even for a day when you get to the destination, you’re going to be ultimately out of clothes. So pack the next day clothes into your carry-on bag and some more essential stuff such as medicine, lingerie, sanitary napkins, bath suit, and money.


Don’t forget to put on your charger into your carry-on bag as well. If your baggage gets lost again, it will be pointless to have your electronics without its chargers. Also, some countries require that when you go through the securities that your electronics should be able to turn on, so if anything is dead like your cell phone or your laptop, you could run into some trouble. So put all your chargers along with your electronics into your carry-on bag.


As liquid items are prohibited to put on the carry-on bag, but you can take insulin in your carry-on bag. And it should be marked as insulin.

A First Aid Kit 

bandages, a pain reliever, a topical analgesic, diarrhea medication, regular prescription medicine, Melatonin or any sleep aid to help with jet lag if crossing time zones

Some Accessories You Should Carry

  • Eyeglasses
  • Earplugs, Headphones
  • Lip balm
  • Neck pillow and blanket
  • A pen
  • Travel-friendly food

 Airplane Will Not Allow These Items To Carry In Suitcase

The transportation security system created a list of items that you can’t bring n your carry on bag while flying in an airplane.

So there are the things that you can’t take through the airport security in your carry on bag with you. Not even through the scanner or through the terminal into the airplane. And can not put it above your head in a plane or under your seat.

Liquid Items: Liquid bug spray, Liquid lotion, Liquid sunscreen, Liquid bug repellent, Liquid bleach, Liquid gel pad or Heated gel

Drug items: Alcohol, marijuana

A weapon like substances: Pocket knife, Brass knuckles, Toy sword, Water gun, Drill, Drill bits, Throwing star, Lightsaber

Live items: Live coral, Live fish

Explosive items: Firecrackers or fireworks, English popper

Spray items: Cooking spray, Starch spray, Spray paint, Pepper spray

Sports item: Cricket bat, Darts, Eight Ball, Hockey stick or Lacrosse stick, Slingshot

Lithium battery: You can not carry any type of battery.

Checklist For Air Travel

  • How big should your suitcase be?
  • Does your suitcase with your movement?
  • Is there any Defect in your suitcase due to which liquid can get into from outside?
  • How many suitcases can I bring through airport security?
  • Should I check luggage or not?
  • What stuffs should I never pack in my bags?

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my suitcases are overweight at the terminal?

Weight isn’t a consideration for carry-on luggage. Most airlines have a size limit, not a weight limit for carry-on suitcases. Some small aircraft, those fly regionally, may have weight maximums for carry-on bags.

Most United States airlines don’t charge extra-weight baggage fees for the suitcase up to 50 pounds each. More substantial bags considered overweight and are fined to extra baggage fees. These fees may vary by airlines and whether you’re flying regionally or internationally.

If you’re shocked upon check-in to find that your baggage falls into the overweight category, follow these two smart options-

  1. For suitcases that are overweight by a few pounds: Take out the most substantial few items and repacking them into your carry-on baggage or second checked baggage if you have another.
  2. For suitcases overweight by 10 pounds or more: you should buy another bag from the airport and pay the extra-fee for second checked suitcases.


How much liquid can you bring in a checked suitcase?

We suggest you pack all liquids, gels, and aerosols that are over 3.4 oz or 100 ml in your checked suitcases, even if they are in a secure, tamper-evident bag.


Which Carry-On size fits the airline guidelines?

The Carry-On baggage is made to fit official airline regulations at 22″ x 14″ x 9″. It can fit in the overhead cabin of any plane, anywhere in the world.

The Carry-On Plus baggage is slightly bigger than the official standard size. And when they looked for the standard carry-on suitcase size for all the major airlines, They find that what is on instructions don’t necessarily match up to what is happening in practice. Those cabins the airlines are a bit bigger than what they say about the maximum size. So, carry-On Plus to fit those overhead cabins and maximize the storage space.

Carry-On Plus fits the overhead cabin of major airlines, including Delta, United, American, and JetBlue.