How to Connect Wireless Printer to a Target Device

Nowadays, technology is at its pinnacle point, and with every day, it’s reaching the extreme of innovation and directly or indirectly easing the lives of a human being.

Long ago, the printer’s innovation was astonishing to the world as you can have a copy of any document with ease instead of writing it for hours.

Years back there were black & white printers, but with time colored printers replaced them, but now the technology has taken a sharp turn towards innovation by making each and every device wireless, without the hassle of wires, their damages, and other obstructions now you can connect anywhere with any device in glimpses without even leaving your place.

This technology has also been introduced in printer’s world, but to use this innovation, the first question that arises in our mind is that how to set up a wireless printer or how wireless printer can be connected.

As there are tens of devices which need access to printers for printing operation like mobiles, computers and then within computers windows and Mac have their own way to set up a connection with printers.

Let me chop them down for you that how to set up a wireless printer connection with the target device.

How To Connect Wireless Printer

Firstly place the printer within the range of WI-FI device or router. Depending upon the quality, the range of router varies, but it’s not a big deal; just place your printer within the range of WI-FI device influence and follow these steps as these are universal for all types of devices whether android, windows or Mac, etc.

Now it’s time to turn on the printing device or printer, and you will be establishing the connection to the WI-FI network. So in the first phase, you are not supposed to connect to the computer. This process is mainly dependent on the type of printer being used, but few things must be known before you get in “your WI-FI network name and secondly, its password.”

Built-in system: Most printers will allow you with the built-in menu system, no need of hassle in case your operating system herself would do the job if not, then refer to the manual. Depending upon the type of printer manual is provided with the printer at the time of buying, if it’s not available or lost by any means even then no need to worry, just search pdf file of help-book online.

WPS push to Connect: The most rewarding thing is that if both your printer and router support the WPS push to connect, then it’s a treat; simply push the WPS button on both devices, and within few moments, your connection would automatically be established.

In case your printer doesn’t have a built-in menu but does support the wireless connection, then at first, you are supposed to connect to a computer also. To do so, first, connect your printer to the computer via USB cable. Then using the included software setup, the wireless connection, it’s an onetime process afterward, no need of any cable moves the printer wherever you want, and it would work without any obstruction.

Now the major question of how to wireless connect a printer to the laptop, for this, you have to first see what type of operating system you have, whether windows or mac.

Firstly let me discuss the wireless printer setup on your window computer, for this when the connection with WI-FI device is established simply connect it to the computer, let me help you in this regard that how to connect a wireless printer to laptop or computer;

Go to control panel (depending upon the type of window, if window XP, seven or even ten it would be in the start menu, but for window 8 right-clicking the window’s bottom would serve the purpose. The best way is to search the control panel from the search box of the window (applicable to all windows).

Click “Devices or printers” or “view devices or printers” or any option matching to this, then select your printer from the list (it may take few moments to appear so be patient), then install the drivers if required (for famous printer devices computer will do it herself), and hurrah your connection is established.

For adding a printer on your Mac computer, follow the simple steps, and you would be done with the job.

By clicking the Apple menu, select System Preferences from there.

By selecting “Print and Scan,” press the “+” button at the bottom of the list of printers.

Then simply select your printer and install any software if needed, and the job for the Mac is also done.

For android, it’s not a hard task, simply download the Google Cloud Print app (mostly available as a built-in app on most of the devices if not then download it manually). Firstly connect the printer to a WI-FI network (as discussed earlier), and your android device should also be on the same WI-FI.

Open settings and select “printing” to add your printer, once it’s done then simply open the app which needs the printing operation and click the three dots on the corner, then select the print option from there. Although third-party apps can also be used, we don’t recommend them all.

It’s always preferable to use the app certified form credible agency here in our case by android itself, so Google Cloud Print is always a recommended option to opt for.

There’s another way out as in the case of famous printers like HP, they have their own plugin apps available on play store, just download them, and everything else would be like a piece of cake.

In the case of IOS, it’s way easier than android as we need not download any additional applications like Apple’s built-in feature of Air Print would serve the purpose.

You only need to have an Air Print compatible printer, and both your phone and printer should be same WI-FI network, rest is way simple just open the app which requires printing operation and click the share option or the print icon within the app boundary, it would make you add your printer device to mobile or if it’s already added then just click that device and printing operation would be completed.

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