Ultimate Guide to Headphones

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Ultimate Guide to Headphones

Either you’re a person of diverse musical taste, gymnast, swimmer, audio engineer, office worker, or a student, finding the best headphones for you isn’t as tricky as it seems if you have got the proper guide of best headphones.

During this pandemic, everyone is working from home and facing challenges of noise cancellation of their surroundings for entirely focusing on work.  Precisely, at this time, many of us are looking for headphones that can perfectly eliminate the noises of our surroundings than ever before, but enough variety of headphones present in market twists around buyers.

Headphones are getting more and more innovative and smarter over time as companies are eagerly making efforts to deliver the best noise-canceling headphones in the market. However, it’s believed that when you got too many choices making the right decision becomes difficult!

Well, there is no need to sweat for this problem as this ultimate guide to headphones would surely take you towards the right product, and you’ll get your money back with the great-sounding headphones into the bargain.

Now, before moving ahead with this guide, I think it would be better to get aware of all the types of headphones we are having in today’s market so that you can make choose the best type from the rest. Here we go

Types of Headphones

  • Noise-canceling headphones.
  • Bluetooth headphones.
  • Earphones or in-ear headphones.
  • On-ear headphones.
  • Open-back headphones.
  • Closed-back headphone.
  • Bone conduction headphones.
  • Waterproof/resistant headphones.

These are some distinct types of headphones you would find soon after hitting the world of headphones for investing in your product, but before that, let me make it easy for you to decide which particular type you should go for by explaining each type of headphones in depth.

Noise-canceling headphones

The reason behind keeping this type of headphones at the top of the list is its growing demand and exceptional qualities, among other best headphones.

Noise-canceling headphones are tactfully built by using active noise control technology to shut out high-frequency noises of surroundings and completely disconnecting you from the irritating outside world of noises. Likewise, from audio engineers to travelers and students to music lovers, whoever wants an escape from ambient sounds can confidently rush to the noise-canceling headphones for more assuredly ending up with the first-rated product of this time.

Bluetooth headphones

Headphones with Bluetooth features are getting pretty much popular over the last few years for several reasons.

Bluetooth headphones enable you to connect with multiple electronic devices like computer, TV, smartphones, gaming consoles, stereo speakers, and many others with the freedom of cords/wires and taking device with you all the time. However, their spread-spectrum frequency hopping technology prolongs the product life in the form of minimal signal interference.

Most probably, if you don’t want to get bothered with tangled wires and pairing your devices without any trouble, you name it.

Earphones or in-ear headphones

In-ear headphones, also known as in-ear monitors, can be worn on or clamp over the user’s ear around the head firmly. They are widely used by musicians in the music industry for blocking out noises of the outer world so that their all center of attention could be the music they’re working on as in-ear headphones engage the ear canal so that they are incredibly good at passive noise reduction.

You can certainly go for this type of headphones if you’re looking for headphones that can make you feel of peace and calmness even in the hideous place. However, if you want a set of headphones for wearing them for a long period, you might ignore in-ear headphones because they are sort of canal phones/earphones which aren’t suitable for the long run and damage your hearing in case of using continuously for hours.

On-ear headphones

Those who want to prioritize comfort over other essential aspects of headphones should prioritize this category of headphones since they usually have smaller cups and quite compact design.

On-ear headphones decently sit against your ear and generally cover less space as they don’t wholly wrap around the ear. In addition to this, as far as portability is concerned, on-ear headphones come in a smaller size so that you keep them anywhere in less space while traveling from place to place.

Anyway, before putting an end to this type of headphones, let me tell you that you can also hit these headphones if you want to have the best gaming over-ear headphones.

Open-back headphones

Open-back headphones give you space to breathe and let you organically listen to music because they are tactfully engineered for putting a stop to building up sound pressure, which often affects sound quality and bass.

Headphones with open back can make only advantageous if you want to enjoy music from home or a less noisy place. However, if you’re looking for headphones for working from the office and sitting right next to your colleagues, open-back headphones are going to bother you a lot. The open back of these headphones dripped out an enormous amount of sound, which bothers your companion too.

Thus, I would suggest you spend money over open-back headphones precisely.

Closed-back headphones    

Typically, earcups of closed-back headphones are firmly sealed around the back since the outside noises couldn’t mix with the casual sound produced inside of headphones.

These types of headphones are incredibly good at keeping environmental noise out so that they can be helpful if you want to purchase headphones for working while presenting at extremely noisy places. Moreover, another important aspect to consider here about closed-back headphones is that as discuss earlier, earcups of these headphones are completely closed and due to which they got warm and make your ears sweaty in case of wearing them consistently for a long time.

Bone conduction headphones

Have you ever heard of bone conduction technology? If no, then let me take you into it so that you can take fancy of this technology may be in the form of the best headphones!

What is Bone Conduction Technology?

With the help of jaws and cheeks bones vibration, bone conduction technology lets a person hear the sound productively. Moreover, for many years, this technology is being integrated into devices that use to make people hear who are already going through hearing impairment.

Now, you might be thinking about is bone conduction headphones safe? And how do bone conduction headphones work!

Alright, as far as human safety is concerned, according to our research, bone conduction headphones could be far safer than other headphones types.

The bone conduction technology merged in headset pretty tactfully since a user doesn’t have to cover all ears; instead, the headphones sit close to the ear, and one can easily hear outside noises for preventing any uncertain situation or accident.

Nonetheless, you won’t have to worry about the safety threats and to work on this type of headphones as so far everything sounds great about these headphones.          

Waterproof/resistant headphones

To be honest, if someone asks me from all these types of headphones, which you want to go? I will assuredly say hydro active waterproof headphones Bluetooth because I find all qualities of these headphones quite fascinating.

Since you are reading an ultimate guide to headphones so that about every aspect, either negative or positive of headphones, you ought to be aware!

Sometimes we have to put on our headphones continuously for hours, which causes sweat on earcups; if your headphones aren’t waterproof or water-resistant, they can indulge you in risks of safety threats because it’s very easy to consider that water and electricity can’t go together.

Keep this thing in mind that making your investment worthy and keeping yourself away from risks you’ve to find an answer to this question are Bluetooth headphones waterproof so that you can invest in them.

Mostly waterproof headphones are used by swimmers since they have to cancel the annoying splish-splash of water and keenly focusing on their swimming.

Take heed, people who want to use waterproof headphones under the deep water should make sure that either they are using waterproof headphones or water-resistant headphones because often this fine difference twists buyers. Although, I mentioned a fine difference, and this fine difference can cause severe effects. Yes, you read, right!

Let me make it more penetrable for you.

Headphones with the waterproof feature are eligible enough to stop water for entering inside of headphones, and they can conveniently submerge with water, ideally 3m deeper.

However, on the other side, water-resistant headphones can only prevent sweat and moisture, and thus you are not supposed to use them under deep water or while swimming.

Always keep the difference between waterproof and water resistance in mind before going to make a final decision for this type of headphones.


There are also bundles of best waterproof headphones for swimming that just eliminates water for one hour under deep water.


Earbuds are probably cheaper types of headphones that can’t get you outstanding sound quality.

Like in-ear headphones, earbuds sit inside of the user’s ear too, don’t go as deeper as in-ear does. In addition to this, earbuds are not good enough to cancel outside noises, and you can hear everything going around you despite wearing earbuds.

As mentioned above, you should go for this type only if you’re concerned about your wallet.

Alright, now we are finally done with different pros and cons of every type of headphones about which you should be aware of before having a pair of any category.

 Important Aspects to consider before buying Headphones

What if you spend a handsome amount for getting the best headphones of 2020 and then end up with fine headphones, but one important aspect of them is lacking? Surely that will pinch you!

And most probably you wish all important aspects to consider before buying headphones were known to you so that your handsome amount couldn’t be ruin.

Well, you don’t need to sweat for it as this guide is taking you towards every important aspect. So without wasting any moment, let’s get into it!

Sound Quality

If I’m not mistaken, the sound is known to be the most salient characteristic of headphones.

Thus, before hitting any product, try those particular headphones and listen to a pair of beats so that you become able to analyze what level of bass and sound quality, you’re going to invest for.

Size & Portability

The size and portability of headphones matter when it comes to traveling. Some best noise-canceling headphones come with an incredibly compact design and size, which offers you a feature of 1800 turn in ear cups since you can keep them anywhere in less room without any fear of damage.


Headphones with comfort and safety can make your life easy, and the same as discomfort would keep on pinching you while enjoying music or working on the important stuff. I must say, do consider comfort, ease, and safety in headphones!

Battery life

This aspect would vary firstly on your investment and then the brand of headphones. You may find headphones with the run time of 12 hours or maybe of 2 hours, so it’s all up to you to make a wise decision with the battery life of headphones.

Let’s say if you work ceaselessly for hours, you should go with a brand that offers you maximum run time, and if you’ve to just listen to music, you may go for an intermediate level.


Though wallet/price is a big concern for many buyers but believe me or not, you’d get what you paid for.

However, there are several brands out there that deliver the best headphones with an affordable price range. And most certainly, for choosing those brands, you have to keep this guide of headphones in your head.

Final words

This way or that way you would have to use your wit because with every single day technology of headphones is changing, and companies are introducing innovation sometimes in the form of the best noise-canceling headphones for the studying and sometimes in the form of hydro active waterproof headphones Bluetooth.

At last, by considering your needs, priorities, and budget carefully as well as reading this ultimate guide to headphones thoroughly, I can bet you will land on the right product.

Alright, best of luck for your new journey of exploring the best headphones!


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